Zzyb Web Design & Design Graphique...

...is a web development compagny of all kind. At least, we always find a solution on all problem. With 20 years of experience of coding and server fixing, it brought us a lot of knowledge in computer's world. That you need a software, a web site, put online web site or be sure that all security things are done or simply prepare the web site from A to Z, Zzyb Design will find you a solution.

The owner, Marc Cabana, counts more than 30 years of knowledge in electronic and as soon that internet went out in 80's, he was already make programming experiences on Pascal language, C or basicaly the Basic that is the fondation of all programming language. He also have experience of databases programming where his facility to manipulate MySQL databases.

So put him the challenge, if he don't know the answer, he will find the right solution to get it done.

It will be a pleasure to do business soon with you.

Marc Cabana,
Programmer et Administrator.